Zoje Group

ZOJE, a Chinese Industrial Sewing Machine brand, born in the beginning of twenty-first century. Establishing the dignity of “Made in China” are always our pursued goals since inception. People with innovation spirit in ZOJE, are following the ideals of “Common ZOJE, Common career” , the road of “Quality accomplishing outstanding ZOJE ” ,and put the policy of “Brand promote the market” into practice, initiating the new tumultuous development in the ZOJE history with the spirit of indomitable perseverance and hard struggle.

“Don’t let 1% negligence lead to customers 100% inconvenience. ”, which is not only our pursuit of quality , but also is our commitments to customers. Products have passed the ISO9001 certification by the Rhineland Germany and CE certificate and ISO14000 environment system certification, are exported to more than 100 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. In order to march the international high-end sewing market, ZOJE has employed well-paid famous experts from Germany and Japan ,meanwhile cooperate with domestic and international search institutes to quicken technological progress and improve the technological innovative capacity of enterprise continuously. Its products are categorized into 14 major series and more than 260 varieties of high-tech, environmental and energy saving products which had passed more than 30 patents and applied for several knowledge patents.

“We have a dream that people around the world would all be proud of having top brand dress with “made in China”, and make Chinese wisdom decorate the wonderful world.” So People in ZOJE always take “Improve the culture of costume greatly” as their own duty and also stick to disseminating culture of human clothing with human-oriented way, also have a sense of responsibility to re-energizing Chinese national top cloth brand. ZOJE won a special contribution award at the first “Chinese Garment Annual Award” in 2005. A strategic partnership established between zoje and Chinese garment institute, which will impel both to together build up internationalized nation brand. From year 2005, zoje has solely support “Chinese garment brand annual award”( which has honored as “Oscar” of Chinese garment industry ) for 5 years continuously and a special contribution award was won at the first batch. People in ZOJE are displaying the beauty and fashion of Chinese national brand with passion and the dignity and pride of “Made in China”, promoting Chinese sewing machine equipments and apparel manufacturing industry to a bright future of “manufacturing center” .

“Quality accomplishing outstanding ZOJE, Love returns to society”, ZOJE has been joining education constantly for years by donating directly, constituting funds, holding loving auction and other ways. ZOJE has donated more than twenty million RMB to support social welfare service till now and set a example to private enterprise in this field.

People with diligence and innovation in ZOJE, always follow “Improve the culture of costume greatly” and reach grand goal “Establish a international well-known enterprise, Create international brand” , working hard for a more glorious and resplendent future.