This machine was developed based on the ZJ5780, it integrates the high-performance, intelligent and high-precision automatic fabric feeding device, highly improve the production efficiency.
With prefabricate device that can improve working efficiency.
Equipped with the continuous sewing and cycle sewing functions, highly improve the production efficiency.
Special electronic thread tension mechanism, through operation panel, up and bottom thread tension can be set for the parallel and bartarking part under the diffident condition, the stitch is stable and graceful.

Advanced computer-controlledsystem

Advanced color liquid crystal touch screen

Advanced eyelet pre-install system

Advanced colorful touch screen

Automatic positioning and sewing for different standard and size. Set space of buttonhole freely, theerror is limitedwithin 0.5mm. Equips with special function of thread changing over, it is more convenient for change bottom thread. Each worker can operate 2 to 3 machine at same time. Each machine can make 1200 buttonholes in 8 hours.

Automatic cloth feeding lockstitch buttonholing machine comply with the trend of garment processing industry development, reduce labor, improve efficiency, it is the ideal machine for high quality garment .

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ-ACF-B-5780 DP×5(11#) 11~14# 4200 (rpm)
ZJ-ACF-S-5780 DP×5(11#) 11~14# 4200 (rpm)