About Zoje

In the case East Sea god grants the son of sea broad bosom and lofty sentiments, thoughtful and innovative ZOJE personnel inherits the idea of “quality makes excellence” after striving the wind and rain of more than ten years. And follows the lofty aim “make great efforts to improve human clothing culture” Zoje makes important paces in the journey. There is still a long way to go, Zoje will grow up with all youth and lift, pusuing and hope, success and happiness of all Zoje people. Centers on the value of “Our Zoje, Our Undertaking and work hard together to build Zije to an international well-known enterprise in sewing machine industry, a well-known brand in sewing machine industry,and a solution operator for integrated equipment in global clothing industry.

Chairman of Zoje Sewing Machine Co., Ltd
Li Ruiyua