Supper high-speed direct drive cylinder bed overlock machine ZJ952S-13-BD series

Integrate the control box and servo motor on machine head, convenient for operation, energy saving and eco friendly.
Cylinder bed design is especially suit for narrow cylinder edge sewing.

Unique soft connecting structure,operation stable

Suitable for the collar, cuffs, trousers legs, underwear, knitting and other narrow cylinder edge seaming.

Micro-computerized pulling-force tape feeder MC/E8U

The tape feeding speed is under the control of a micro-computer such that it is synchronous with the fabric feeding action, ensured that the cloth can be fed uniformly and loosely during sewing operation, improved the sewing quality, reduced the dependence to the workers’skill level, and the labor intensity.


Comparing with traditional clutch motor, the servo motor could save 60~75% power consumption, increasing 15~20% efficiency.

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ952T-13-BD 2 DC×27 11# 6500 (rpm)
0.5~3.8 mm