The titanium plating treatment of internal hook can avoid heating. Therefore, the sewing machine can keep running when the oil amount is extremely little. Greasy dirt can be avoided, and the durability is substantially increased. In addition, the contour of rotating hook is designed considering the broken stitch can be avoided.

Multi-functional operating panel

All kinds of data can be entered on or selected from the operation panel.

Direct drive mode

The application of servo motor and synchronous belt drive effectively reduces the power consumption and eliminates the oil contamination of sewn

More beautiful

Adopts hook driving shaft-offset mechanism to reduce the problem as stitch skipping and thread breakage while the needle throws to the right side.

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ2290B 1 DP×5 70# 5000 (rpm) 5 mm
ZJ2290S 1 DP×5 70# 5000 (rpm) 5 mm
ZJ2290S-SR 1 DP×5 70# 5000 (rpm) 5 mm