The high-grade appearance

Adopting domestic 4000 RMB cost of aluminum frame, 4000 RMB cost of wear resistant stainless steel panel, and appearance of refreshing, it’s specially designed for clothing manufacturers to strengthen the brand effect

Upper thread detection

Can quickly stop when the upper thread broken,effectively reduce the scrap rate of the product.750mm type using optical fiber sensor, the detection is more intelligent ,more sensitive

X-axis infinite, Y-axis 410mm & 750mm

Sewing speed:
410mm type max-speed:2800rpm
750mm type max-speed:2500rpm

Bottom thread detection

Adopts stitch number counting and thread length counting ,can accurate to sewing line, alarm more accurately, reduce the unnecssary waste of the bottom line

The identification function of the template

Using magnetic induction ,induction distance is larger, effectively avoid interaction error when he places the template; Can extend to identify 256 templates,easily cope with frequent replacement of style, can meet the production process of one people multiple machine ,The patent number :zl201320532909.2

The innovation of mechanical

The mini oil head

Effectively prevent the pollution of sewing material

Rotating hook thread hooking mechanism

A small hook and a large hook optional, to meet the needs of manufacturers of high-end clothing ,at the same time can be compatible with rhin and thick material

Template drive mechanism

The only of industry to adopt gear and rack feed synchronous ,Feeding transmission is precision and no deviation

The patent application NO.201310373393.6
The utility model patent NO.ZL201320520784.1

Feed mechanism

Using synchronous belt transmission,small voice ,stable transmission ,makes the machine can run at high speed

The patent number:ZL201320523203X

Template guide mechanism

With a guide rail mould manufacturing ,ensure the stable transmission ,beautiful stitch ,save time and cost of materials.

The patent NO.ZL201420103132.2

Trimming mechanism

It adopts pneumatic round knife device, stable trimming ,low failure rate.

Patent NO. ZL201320523393.5

Posiong knife ,the splitter, the positioning hook be installed on the front of machine, it means more convenient adjust maintain

Stepping motor driver drives medium pressure foot

Can freely set each line of medium pressure feet between 0~7mm, for sewing a pattern with different thickness

Hook supply oil device

Conteol box controls the solenoid valve to supply oil mass,oil can adjust to minimum,is more stable,especially for easy contaminated material.(patent has up a file in the examination and approval)

One-piece clip wire mechanism

Simple structure ,low failure rate.

The patent NO.ZL201120434503