High efficiency

Highest sewing speed can reach 2300RMP, the machine can sew different part of garment, increase the sewing efficiency.

Low tension sewing

By low tension sewing , the machine can avoid wrinkle which can cope with different process, cloth and stitch shape。Furthermore, the equipment which prevent thread loosing malfunction when start and stop sewing, and the equipment for convenient trimming, those all can ensure the high quality sewing result.

Big operation space

Considering continuous sewing and cloth rotation, the machine has big space for convenient operating. The height of foot lifter can reach 17mm, it will easy for operator to put or get the fabric and it is suit for the thick material as well.

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ1850 42 Heavy
DP×5 2300 (rpm)
8~16 mm
ZJ1850H 28 Heavy
DP×17 2300 (rpm)
8~16 mm
ZJ1852-2 42 Heavy
DP×5 2300 (rpm)
0~8 mm