Adopts built-in direct drive servo system, realizes the quick starting and accurate stopping.
Optimized program, more suitable for heavy material. Larger handwheel design, easy for operation
Top and bottom feed. Suit for bags, canvas, tent, leathers, sofa, etc.
Stitch sample:

Suitable for hard material

The professional design easily face the hard materials such as bamboo mat(ZJ0303/0303-BD)

Suitable for elastic material

Elastic presser foot lift can be freely realize sewing the flexible fabric(ZJ0303B)

Special device

The lock mechanism ensure the same stitch length when forward and reverse feed(ZJ0303C)

Suitable for heavy material

Suitable for sewing heavy material, can realize multi-layered sewing(ZJ0303CX)

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ0303 1 Heavy
DPx17 #22 2000 (rpm)
0-8 mm
ZJ0303-BD 1 Heavy
DPx17 #22 2000 (rpm)
0-8 mm
ZJ0303-D2B 1 Heavy
DP×17 22# 2000 (rpm)
8 mm
ZJ0303-D3B 1 Heavy
DPx17 #22 2000 (rpm)
0~9 mm
ZJ0303CX 1 Heavy
DPx17 #25 2000 (rpm)
0-8 mm
ZJ0303CX-BD 1 Heavy
DPx17 #25 2000 (rpm)
0-8 mm
ZJ0303CX-L 1 Heavy
DPx17 #25 2000 (rpm)
4-12 mm