Our Philosophy

Enterprise culture is the soul and spiritual prop of enterprise survival and development, which is a effective management mean and a sustainable development strategy in ZOJE. ZOJE always follow the ideals of “Quality accomplishing outstanding ZOJE” , and at the same time establish concepts of “a common career in united zoje” and “Sincere, dedicated, outstanding, active”.

Create carrier of culture

In order to make employees have a colorful life , ZOJE has been building culture carriers, like setting up culture exhibition hall, multination training center, entertainment center , library and other facilities. It is publicizing enterprise values and development prospect by slogans of corporate culture, “ZOJE” paper and updating of billboards regularly, etc., meanwhile, creating a innovative culture atmosphere. ZOJE inducta new corporate identity system VI , and then form some relative rules and standards to the internal- external environment, in order to establish a unified corporate image.

Innovative talent project

Talent is a fundamental strategic resource for enterprise development. ZOJE is advancing the innovative talent project of “unify people by career, attract people by environment, encourage people with spirit, inspire people by mechanism, keep talents with good prospects”. To build a “learning enterprise” actively and take planned professional knowledge and skills’ training for staff, such as MBA training for management staff, the course of PET in wildness and so on. A competitive culture is forming gradually through attracting talents, keeping talents, training talents in all respects.

Colorful culture activities

ZOJE advocate “taking humans as essentials” and create a harmonious corporate culture as center. Notonly do we have some activities like article performance, contest of knowledge and skills, sports events, etc., but also provided a series of welfare benefits such as travels, health checkup and so on. Through all above, culture life has been improved and enriched greatly, which edify employee sentiment alive and strengthened the cohesive affinity of the enterprise and centripetal force thereby, showing the mental scene with a modern good business adequately.

Create a harmonious culture, Culture contains a new strength”. Enterprise culture is a soul and spiritual prop of enterprise development. Only enterprise culture that is suitable for development could attract talents to play staff’s potential, to make enterprise management means be more adapted to social development. ZOJE is keen to innovating enterprise culture as a great opportunity, and then push business performance into a higher stage, giving renewed impetus to development of ZOJE.