With auto sewing, stopping, auto trimmer, foot lifter, etc.
It could be set as fully auto, half auto and manual operations, fit for different customer demand. (Fully auto, half auto function is optional)
The work efficiency is increased more than 40% compare with the traditional operation.
Long arm is much situable for the big fabric sewing.

Automatic reverse
Automatic wiper

Automatic round trimmer

Pulley device(optional)

Improved device is available for high puff fabric sewing

Optional start speed

Start speed can be selected according to pedal down volume, and the sewing speed can be set according to the operator’s feel. Increased the height of wiper bar and needle plate up to 45mm, to facilitate high puff fabric sewing.


Easy operate automatic device improves work efficiency

Automatic thread trimmer: Stable cutting for all types of thread.
Automatic back latching: back latching device located at the conveniently operating position.
Automatic wiper: auto-wipe the thread after trimming, to make the thread ends left at the back of the fabric for next sewing.
Automatic presser foot: enable presser foot act quickly, easily, reduce the operator’s labor intensity.
Automatic constant-stitch function: set stitches number according to apparel process,
thereby greatly improving production efficiency and quality of sewing materia

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ9701LAR-D3-460 Light,Medium
DB×111~18# 4000 (rpm)
ZJ9701LAR-D3-800 Light,Medium
DB×1 19~24# 3000 (rpm)