This series super high speed interlock machine has abundant types ,and can be configured with multiple accessories to perform different tasks . It can apply to different decorative seams and find wide application in the sewing of knitted clothing, bra and underwear. It can be configured with different accessories to perform multiple functions .Slight adjustment can be done to make beautiful stitch .It can meet sewing requirements of high quality and diversification and process quality products.


Latest patented design

1.Latest patented design of the foot lifter mechanism makes the operation of the foot lifter easier and smoother, the thread tension return position more stable.
2.The latest patented design of looper transmission mechanism makes the operation more reliable.

Multiple protection

3.The latest patented design of needle bar cover realize convenience of threading;
4.Latest patented adjustable needle bar take-up Mechanism effectively prevents stitch skipping.


The fully enclosed cold type auto lubrication system is ensure the lubricant clean, preventing dust entrance and oil leakage, and making the machine a long service life.

Auto trimmer

Auto presser foot

Auto presser foot

Designation of types of ZJ2500A series high speed platform type interlock sewing machines:

(1) ZOJE pr oduct
(2) Stitch number: 25=5 threads in 3 needles, 24=4 threads in 2 needles
(3) Applical model: 00=Basic stitch, 03=Selvedge stitch, 30=Soft heavy material, 39=Lace stitch,79=Belt ring stitch
(4) Special model: A=ZOJE patented outlook, B=needle bar oil free model,
(5) Upper decorative mechanism: 1=with upper decorative mechanism, 0=without upper decorative mechanism
(6) Needle gauge: 56=5.6mm, 64=6.4mm, and so on
(7) Needle plate paw shape: M=standard, S=special
(8) Model code: VF=Supper high speed platform type tight-stitch sewing machine
(9) Driving mode: Blank=non direct driving common type, BD=direct driving
(10) Optional auxiliary device: D3=triple automatic device, PY=fabric pulling roller device, TK=strip cutting device, TK-L2=fully automatic strip cutting device

Stitch sample:

Model No.of Needles Stitch Width Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ2500A-164M-VF-BD-D3 3 6.4
UY128GAS14# 6500 (rpm)
1.4~4.2 mm
ZJ2500A-156M-VF-BD-D3 3 5.6
UY128GAS11# 6500 (rpm)
1.4~4.2 mm
ZJ2400A-148M-VF-BD-D3 2 4.8
UY128GAS11# 6500 (rpm)
1.4~4.2 mm
ZJ2400A-140M-VF-BD-D3 2 4
UY128GAS11# 6500 (rpm)
1.4~4.2 mm