Adopts advance color LCD touch screen, the big presser foot’s angle can by quickly and easily adjusted. Energy saving and powerful data storage.

LED display

7-inch color LCD screen, users can user fingers or other objects touch screen.

Computer control system

The product uses advanced control technology, many technical indicators have reached international standard counterparts.

Advanced dry technology prevents oil stains

Needle bar unit and thread take-up unit is lubricated with grease, and the hook is fed with a minute quantity of oil from the oil tank. Advanced dry technology, protects your products from being stained with oil.

Maximum speed

The machine achieves the highest sewing speed of 2800rpm for computer-controlled cycle machine.

Pulse motor

Thanks to the stepping motor drive, the work clamp lifer’s operating time has been reduced to one-fourth that of the conventional device.

Thread trimming

Adopted pulse motor’s controlled thread trimming mechanism, it can accurately cut the thread even in high speed.

Instantaneous deceleration

The machine remains at the maximum sewing speed until just before the end of sewing and decelerates instantaneously

Top thread clamp

Effectively avoid thread slip on sewing start and “birds nest” phenomenon on the back side of cloth.

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ5770-1306 Medium
DP×5、DP×17 2500 (rpm)
ZJ5770-1507 Medium
DP×5、DP×17 2500 (rpm)
ZJ5770-2211 Medium,Heavy
DP×5、DP×17 2500 (rpm)