E201—-software over current

software detect the current of motor higher than alarm value (16A)

Trouble shooting procedure
Access operation panel of supervisory interface, check current value of motor accelerate and sudden stop at U2 interface. (Normally the value is 120.)
Using Ω channel on multimeter check motor’s situation by touching motor’s plug foot between 4 and 1,2 or 3 to check the whether it is under short circuit; Check the resistance of motor phases U【3】、V【2】、W【1】, whether they are same or not.
The angle of motor; Check the interface of operation panel U6, 【check the angle of motor whether they in the range of 252±5】【If the angle deviation of motor is too much, the motor speed will be out of control when accelerate or sudden stop 】
Check resistance between foot 1 and foot 3 by detect Q3−Q8: The value is around 10K.
Check the grating plate on motor whether it is loose or not and check whether there is friction between grating plate and sensor.
Grounding-Whether the control box is grounding or not.