E2—-Software over-current

(soft test motor current over Alert value [16A])

Access supervisory interface of operation panel, check at CUR interface, the current value when motor accelerate and scram. (Normally the value is 0.3)
check the motor well or not : check whether it’s short-circuit between the pin4 and the Pin 1,2,3 of motor’s plug by Using Ω channel of multimeter, check whether the impedance of U3 ,V2,W1 of three phase motor is the same
Check whether the motor angle correct or not: check monitor DJ interface [to check if the motor angle in the range of 252 ±5 ](if the deviation of motor angle is too big, then motor acceleration or scram will cause large current or ​​speed uncontrolled phenomena )
check the impedance of pin 1 / pin3 of Q3~Q8: around 10K
Check if the grating loose, or if sensors in encoder board rub with each other.