(Pedal zero point adjust error:zero point adjust over size(-1.5degree~1.5)

Trouble shooting procedure
1)Adjust  the number of parameter 25
2)Only in the pedal zero point adjustion testing function.it will cause this error.Adjust pedal positioning screw a bit.
3)  Adjust pedal zero point position-procedure:
1、install the pedal PCBA.The  distance between steel magnet and PCBA should be controlled in 1.5mm~1.8mm,fixing PCBA.
2、Connect pedal, supply power by 80V isolation transformer, turn the steel magnet, make the output of sensor voltage (voltage of C2) between 2.77~2.83V. 【Note: When you adjust pedal, you must us 80V isolation transformer supply power, the output of voltage is strong current . 】
3、 Check the every positions of cutting to see whether it is normal 。