E133— OZ loop trouble

can’t be enter for1s and OZ interrupted

Troubleshooting steps
1)To check the relay which running in 220V whether it sounds like tick-tock
2)To check the voltage of U3 in panel’s monitor interface
3)when the voltage is wrong in U3,recheck R143’s resistance(100Ω) C77’s resistance:3.8M and the voltage between foot1 toward foot4 in U9:0.56V 【The picture for repair is  sharing with E111】
4)To check the C7’s resistance in mainboard whether it is 11.5K;Standing by 80V insolation transformers,to check the voltage whether it is around 2.1V and the resistance of R90 should be 2.1V.
5)【running by 80V isolation transfromers】Check the resistance between foot1 and foot2 of mainboard whether it is around 6.6K;standing by voltage should be around 0.28V;the resistance between foot3 and foot2 should be 10.5K and the standing by  voltage should be around 2.1V